With the development of the science and technology,the computer has been becoing the necessity for people in the 21st Century.Following,network is of close link with our life,bringing us incomparable convenience on our life and work.
        Through the network,we can search for useful datas and get to know the current events.When you play computer games after a long-time work,it can relieve your pressure and make you feel relaxed.Besides,playing online games is not all bad,for it can fulfil students' entertaining requests as well as practise their response ability.
        However,there still exists some disadvantages in the network.The radiation from the computer will do harm to people's health if you keep on watching the computer for a long time.And short sight may caused by it for your eyes stay tense.At present,there are too many games on the Internet,but some of them are not of good quality even contain some unhealthy content like violence and so on.Duo to the lack of recognizing society and self-protection awareness,some students get addicted in the games and online dating.
        In fact,network is not that horrible,as long as we know more about it,it will become our right hand on our studies.Let's build a clean network world together.
        其实网络并不可怕,只要我们面对网络时多一些认识,网络就会成为我们学习上的有利助手.让我们一起创个干净的网络世界吧 !