【关于课外活动的英语作文范文 篇一】
our school has various activities outside class. In general ,the activity time is from ten to five o'clock to ten to six o'clock in the afternoon and the content of activities include reading, playing basketball and football and other sports. On tuesday, we will watch English movies and listen to the broadcast. One can learn computer, drawing, singing, dancing out of interst on thursday and friday will be the English corner time. My suggestion about the activities at school is that our school should add more activities and reduce the homework.
【关于课外活动的英语作文范文 篇二】
Last Sunday we went to a hospital to do volunteer work. After we got there ,we found many patients in pain so all of us began to work. All the doctors ,nurses and patients were very friendly to us . Some of us helped them to do some cleaning ; some told them some funny stories to make them get relieved. I helped an old man in a wheelchair to go to the check room and then push him back. He was very glad and smiled in return. Some of us students played some musical instrument to entertain them . We feel it our duty to help them because we are all living in the same family .By doing volunteer work, I feel that helping others is a kind of happiness . We should always give hands to those in trouble. So kindness is a social behaviour and it should be passed down.
【关于课外活动的英语作文范文 篇三】
Some students like to participate actively in after class activities.They think after class activities are an integral part of school life.By going in for such activities,they can learn what they can't learn from books,which will be beneficial to them in the future.
Others,however,don't like after class activities at all.They think that a student's work at school is learning theoretical knowledge and nothing else.Taking part in after class activities is a waste of the valuable time at school.
In my opinion,every student should engage in some after class activities because from these activities we can learn many valuable things that we won't learn in classrooms.School is not just a place for learning the difference between "lie" or "lay",or what caused the hours of the daily schedule.Finally,after class activities broaden our circle of acquaintances.No amount of ordinary school work can take the place of friends acquired in the informal familiarities of activities.
【关于课外活动的英语作文范文 篇四】
These days, I spend most of my free time at the local archery club. I started archery a few months ago, when I saw the Australian team take out the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Many people think that shooting an arrow is very simple - you just pull back the string and then let it go! Not so, I'm afraid. As with any sport, being average is simple, but becoming convincingly and consistently proficient is no walk in the park. Learning to judge distance, wind speed, building up back muscles, selecting and operating your equipment and perfecting the all important shooting method takes years of practice. All the drama aside though, I thoroughly enjoy archery on its own terms. There are days when it is pouring rain, and I am alone on the field, and all I can hear is the zip of the arrow, followed by the reassuring thud of it hitting the target hundreds of feet away. It makes me feel strong and calm at the same time, like the Robin Hood of old or an Amazonian warrior princess.