Cheating in Exams Is Shameful Conduct
        From the first time students take an examination, they are told not to cheat. Every student can list tile evils of cheating, but a few are still caught cheating during examinations.
       Those who do not grasp what they should learn and do trust to luck are. likely to cheat. They do not study hard during the semester. Most of their time is slept or idled away. When they realize the exams are approaching, it is too late to memorize the knowledge of the whole term. So it seems that in order to pass they have no choice but to peep at other's paper or at the book or even to find a substitute to take the exam. Besides, the way of tests of some subjects has made cheating more easily. For example, for some examination papers, all the answer can be found directly from textbooks or notes. Therefore it is easy for some to get high marks by cheating even though the students may know nothing about the subjects.
         To stop cheating is file work for both the teachers and the students. For the teachers, they should attach great importance to the test of the ability of using the knowledge to solve problems rather than the mechanical memory of textbooks. For the students, it is necessary to realize that cheating in exams is shameful conduct, and the future is full of sharp competition and any success achieved by cheating won't last long. So let us make a cheating-free campus and establish an honest academic atmosphere for today and tomorrow.