It was my first day at the university. Carrying bags of luggage, I walked slowly into the dormitory building. I looked door after door for my name. At last I found it. In the room, there was already a girl making her bed.
      Smiling shyly, she greeted me with "how do you do".Then, she continued her work, paying no more attention to me."What a stuck up fellow", I thought. Then I began to examine the room. It was no different from any other room I had seen.But it had been thoroughly cleaned by my new roommate, no doubt.
     Minutes later, I started to examine her. She was thin, short and dark.  Her hair was in a completely disastrous mess like a bunch of straw.  Her dirty clothes and tired look were clearly signs of a long journey. Well, her 2'shirt was too big for her and her trousers were a bit short, which made her look funny.Furthermore, she wore a pair of rubber scandals, which were indeed out of fashion. In a word, she did not look like a smart freshman at all. "A yokel", I concluded.
     The second time she spoke, her accent told me that she was from the south. "Shall I help you to get your luggage from the ground floor?" I did not refuse since I really needed help. Wow!She was quick in action. Before I said "Thanks", she had already walked out of the room and was soon far ahead of me.
     "A good guy," I said to myself, "I will make friends with her. "I hurried and caught up with her.
几分钟后,我开始审视她。她很瘦,短又黑。她的头发是在一个完全灾难性的混乱像一堆稻草。她的脏衣服,累了看显然是一次长途旅行的迹象。她2 'shirt对于她和她的裤子太大了有点短,这使她看起来很有意思。此外,她穿了一双橡胶丑闻,这确实是过时。总之,她看起来不像一个聪明的新生。“乡巴佬”,我得出的结论。
简  评
       本文作者通过细致的观察和生动的语言,使一个淳朴少女的形象跃然纸上。作者叙述了上大学的第一天对室友的第一印象。有外表的描写:黝黑瘦弱矮小、头发像一团乱草堆、穿着不合身的衣裤和过时的凉鞋。由此,作者得出的结论是她是个“乡巴佬”。有语言的描写:"how do you do","Shall l help you to get your luggage from theground floor?",虽然言语不多,但读者能感受到这是一个热心善良的女孩。还有行动的描写:整理完自己的床铺后,帮作者搬行李,表现出她勤劳淳朴的一面。因此,作者最终产生了要和她交朋友的想法。本文字数不多,情节简单,但作者成功地塑造了室友的形象:身材矮小,但有着高大的形象;衣着过时,但有一颗美丽的心灵,与作者相成了强烈的对比。作者对语言的运用自如,有扎实的语言功底。文章读来没有晦涩生硬之感。