Presently, in big cities like Shanghai and Guangzhou, bicycle-sharing system has become increasingly popular. A large number of shared bikes can be found and rented at a low price. Moreover, you can park the bike almost anywhere you like. Urban transportation has thus been made much more convenient and even revolutionized.
However, along with its rapid development, bicycle-sharing system also brings some problems, including random parking, vandalism and possession of shared bikes, etc.
To solve these problems, there are some measures for the authorities to take. Firstly, the government could implement more strict laws and rules to regulate the operation and management of bicycle-sharing system.Secondly, the public should raise their awareness of using shared bike reasonably. Lastly, urban transportation system should be upgraded and improved to accommodate automobiles, bikes and pedestrians.
To conclude, a sensible attitude should be held toward bicycle-sharing program. With effective and efficient measures taken, and efforts made by those involved, it can be expected that bicycle-sharing system will play a contributive and constructive role in urban public transportation.