【关于独立思考的大学英语作文 篇一】
 Imagine a stranger approaches you one day and says: “I can make you rich if you do what I say.” Would you immediately follow his instructions, or start asking questions? Most likely, you would request some evidence from the stranger to prove his claims. By asking questions, you’re using a skill called “critical thinking.”
 Critical thinking refers to a special technique that helps you evaluate and judge information. With this skill, you can form your own opinions and make your own decisions. In short, you can think for yourself.
 Living in the information age, we receive all kind of information every day. Some comes from people or sources we know and trust. But much of it comes from less credible sources  Web sites, advertisements, television. Critical thinking helps us determine whether this information is reliable or not.
 Let’s use an example to illustrate critical thinking. Imagine you’re deciding whether to further your education or not. On a college Web site, you read: “The higher your education, the more likely you will be to succeed.” How would a critical thinker react to this statement?
【关于独立思考的大学英语作文 篇二】
In our modern society, the concept of independent thought is fast becoming obsolete. These days, anyone unsure of what to think about a certain issue can simply go online or turn on the television and a host of bloggers, pundits, and analysts are ready and willing to tell them where they should stand on an important topic. Although the Internet has made sharing one’s opinion much easier, it is also making it increasingly difficult to think for one’s self. The old fashion way of forming an opinion, by examining the facts and shaping an opinion from them, is under fire from a news media that wants to tell us not only what is happening but how we should feel about the unfolding events. Now more than ever, the ability to think for one’s self is an important skill and realize the importance of doing so.
The ability to think for one’s self is becoming a lost art today. Too many people take the easy way out and simply allow the majority to do their thinking for them. But thinking for one’s self has little to do with always going against the majority. Whether you side with the majority or not is less important than how you decided whom to side with. As long as you arrive at the conclusion by yourself and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by others, you are making the right decision. Aristotle once said “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
【关于独立思考的大学英语作文 篇三】
To be or not to be, an independent thinker? People such as William Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe were independent thinkers. Poe, the master of style, was the type of person who stood out. He was the first to look into the deep corners of his mind. "... darkness there and nothing more." This simple phrase in the poem "The Raven" reminds me of how different he was from others of his time.
Independent thinkers are the people who are ahead of their times. Even though we should have more of these trend breakers, we don't. In our time, independent thinkers are scarce. We tend to go by the popular statement, "well everybody's doing it" and never stand up for our beliefs. Robert Kennedy looked at things and asked, "Why not." Teens look at things and ask, why not? Why not do what everybody is doing. Isn't that the essential thing, to follow your peers in to the deep hole of no return? Instead why not think for ourselves, and be an above average person?
To me an independent thinker is one who could be a leader, not a follower.
If it were not for independent thinkers, we would still be back in caves. Where there was no independent thought, just follow the strongest, the big one, the leader.
Why are we not producing more people with individual thought? My belief in regard this situation is that many don't care, they just go with the flow. Also what people fear most is rejection and so we don't voice our opinions. Since we fear rejection, we keep our thoughts to ourselves and not try to tell others about them.
The people with the independent thought are what shape and mold our society today. They are the ones that are not ruled...