【全球化利弊英语作文 篇一】
With the development of economy and technology ,more and more people come to realize that the contact between countries has become more and more closely frequent.
Nowadays almost everyone knows Coca-cola,and when we want to pursue all aspects of all-around development,we can't avoid staying in contact with other countries.So globalization has become a unstoppable trend. Different people have different point of views.Some people believe that globalization is a good thing ,because they enjoy the convenience and quality life globalization brings, whereas others argue that the developed countries are the only beneficiaries of globalization,and the developing countries in the course of globalization suffered a series of environmental pollution problems. Globalization is a double-edged sword.
As far as I'm concerned,we should look at both sides of globalization.Only when we seize the opportunity of development and meet the challenges can we gain the upper hand in the competition.
【全球化利弊英语作文 篇二】
Nowadays we can enjoy the same films, fashions, brands, advertisements and TV channels. The evident difference between countries is disappearing. To what extent do you think the disadvantages overweight the advantages of this?
Globalization creates conditions for widening international exchanges, strengthening mutual understanding between nations, expanding cultural, educational, and scientific cooperation between nations and countries, enjoying the cultural achievements of people around the world which encourages the process of modernization and the enrichment of national culture.
However, these conditions also create the possible danger of diminishing the national culture with a negative impact on the pre123vation of national identity. Through globalization and an open door policy, erroneous concepts and a lowering of ethical standards, a selfish and individualistic lifestyle and harmful cultural products can easily be imported into the country. At present, modern information technology which in the main is controlled by US is hourly and intensively disseminating US ideology, way of life, culture and films across the world. Even US food is promoted so that some people consider globalization as global Americanization.
During the process of economic globalization, inequality between developed and developing countries has been increasing and the gap between the rich and the poor has become wider, most of the result of globalization go to assist developed countries. Globalization does not pose equal interests and risks to all nations. With an overwhelming advantage compared to most of the developing countries in terms of finance and the level of science and technology, developed ca123alist countries control the situation of economic globalization.
For these reasons, globalization is a fierce and complicated struggle in both cultural and ideological fields. We take the initiative in international economic integration but also have to take the initiative in fighting to keep our distinct culture resisting pro-foreign and cross-bred phenomena, and overcoming the psychology of preferring money over ethical values.
【全球化利弊英语作文 篇三】
Globalization has found a significant place in the lives of the people. During the process of globalization, we have made a bridge where ideas and beliefs can cross the borders, and the walls of distrust and the barriers of suspicion between countries have gradually disappeared. Though globalization is seen as a sign of a hopeful future by some, there are others who believe that it can cause a horrible disaster for the world economy.
Counties benefit a lot from globalization, especially the developing countries. With it, there is a global market for companies to trade their products which can make the production sector develop rapidly. This gives lots of options to the manufacturers as well. Besides, competition keeps prices relatively low and it can provide a wider range of options for people, to choose from among the products of different nations. In addition, there is a sound flow of money, as a result, inflation is less likely to occur.
But the disadvantages brought by globalization cannot be ignored. Globalization is causing Europeans to lose their jobs as work is being swerved to the Asian countries. The cost of labor in the Asian countries is low as compared to other countries which is often argued that poor countries are exploited by the richer countries where the work force is taken advantage of and low wages are implemented. Moreover, companies are as opening their counterparts in other countries which can result in transferring the quality of their product to other countries, thereby increasing the chances of poor quality.
Simply put, globalization is an ongoing process of integration of regional economies into global network of communication which the human being cannot hold back. So we should keep a positive attitude toward it, take good use of it and avoid disadvantages at the same time. Thus there will be a better world where all the people can have a brighter future.