Sandstroms Recently,sandstorms have swept across many cities and areas of North China,polluting the air and disturbing the daily lives of people who looked dirty in their appearance and suffered many kinds of illness including aspiratory difficulties.Sandstorm is such a serious problem that has not only undermined the in I may put forward my suggestions go as follow:for one thing,more funds ought to be put into trees planting and forest preservation so as to keep more water resources within the surface of the earth and to maintain the ecological balance between human industrialization and natural development,hence to eradicate the root of sandstorm occurrence.For another,governments of all countries should formulate and practice the laws and regulations concerning environmental protection.For example,banning the use of one-off chopsticks and punishing illegal lumbering.Finally,scientists should work out the means to cut down the degree of its destruction and to improve the environment of its sources of occurrence.I still remember and long for the sunny days with little breeze touching my face some years ago.Nevertheless,I am fully confident that we can invite the golden days to comeback and see the sandstorm off forever.Take me,join me,we can make tomorrow different.