【关于机器人危害的英语作文 篇一】
With the development of science , more and more people are confused that whether it is good or bad to make robort. Are roborts going to take place of human beings.
Every coin has two side. Robort can be good to our society and life. At the same time,it also have some bad effect on our life.In my opinion, the advantages of robort are much more than the disadvantage of roborts.
First, roborts make our life more convenient. We can do many thing that we didn't have the ability to do in the past by using roborts.That makes our life more effective.
Second, roborts can be used in industry produce. Factories can reduce the cost of prodution by using roborts. Roborts do not need to eat and they will not be ill. That's very good for producing goods.
Third,roborts can save more people when disaster happens. Because they can't feel pain and they can save more people without feeling tired.
In a word, the world is changing .We should also change our thought to accept roborts to become part of our life . That can make our life more colorful.
【关于机器人危害的英语作文 篇二】
Intelligent machines such as robots are increasingly being used.They can do many things that used to be done by human.Discuss the benefits and dangers.
For centuries,people have fantasized that someday machines could have intelligence like mankind and work as faithful servants.Today this dream has come true in many fields thanks to rapid development in artificial intelligence research.Wonderful as this seems,machines have problems.
To begin with,people lose jobs when machines take their places,especially in the mass production industry such as automobile business.In factories of the famous car company Ford,almost every step of car making is done by giant robots that work faster with higher reliability and precision than human labor.Because of the adoption of robots,thousands of workers are put out of their old jobs and forced to make changes in their work.Even such changes create job opportunities because robots need people to take care of and operate,the number of new jobs is much smaller than that of lost,thus causing huge pressure on the labor market and government.
People become less smart because of the wide use of machines in their life.Nowadays people need to use their brain less than they did in the past.Everything is programmed and the only thing we need to do is to push a button or throw on a switch.This has given us great convenience but made us lazier and less smart.Everyone has the awkward moment troubling with the spelling of a simple word when writing with a pen.But with a computer,it will automatically proofread the spelling and grammar of your writing.So people become less concerned with learning things right.This is not a progress but a regress of our intelligence and culture.
But machines have many benefits that nobody can deny such as great work efficiency and low cost of mass production.The workload that could take months to finish by manual labor could be done flawlessly by robots in minutes.We have more purchasing power to enjoy a wider variety of goods and services because of the reduction of production costs with factories using machines.Other benefits include that machines could do dangerous jobs for people in high risk businesses like mining and construction.
To conclude,machines have many merits that make our life easier and more convenient,but they have caused many problems such as undercutting our job opportunities and overdependence on machines.
【关于机器人危害的英语作文 篇三】
What harm can the robot do people?
Robot has played an important role in the industries and people's daily life.
Robot can do many things that are hard or impossible for men to do.Robot has replaced people to do many boring jobs.We can't neglect the advantage that robot has given to people.
But robot can really do people great harm.With robot working day and night,many bosses will use many robots in stead of workes.So many workers are in the danger of losing jobs.We will see a large number of peopel who are under unemployment because of the robots.
With robots doing many different kinds of jobs,people may become much lazier than before.I think that is not good for humans.People need to do some things to keep healthy.
With more and more robots produced and invented,I am afraid the robot will take over the earth.That may be the worst thing that people are not willing to see.